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Rules & Links

:below: RULES :below:

:star: How To Join

Just click the Join button on the front page! ^o^

:star: General Rules

:bulletred: Be kind to others! Don't make fun of an art piece if you don't like it. Don't start unnecessary drama. We're all here because we love Ina11, so let's get along!

:bulletred: SUBMIT ONLY YOUR OWN ART No tracing, no copying, no claiming someone else's work as your own, no edits of other artist's fanart.

:bulletred: NOT ALLOWED: Stolen artwork, screenshots, photos of merchandise, Gore or any other mature content, OCs (own characters)

:star: Folder explanation

:bulletorange: Raimon and Inazuma Japan
Fanarts of characters that are part of Raimon or Inazuma Japan.

:bulletorange: Teikoku and Shin Teikoku
Fanart of characters that are part of Teikoku or Shin Teikoku.

:bulletorange: Aliea
Fanart of characters that are part of any Aliea team.

:bulletorange: Zeus
Fanart of characters that are part of Zeus.

:bulletorange: Inazuma Eleven GO
Fanart related to the ten-years-later seasons.

:bulletorange: Cosplay
Cosplay and Cosplay related photos.

:bulletorange: Season 1
Fanart of characters that were part of season 1 (like Occult).

:bulletorange: Season 2
Fanart of characters that were part of season 2 (like Atsuya).

:bulletorange: Season 3
Fanart of characters that were part of season 3 (like Demonio or Fideo).

:bulletorange: Groups
Fanart of groups that do not orignally belong together (like Kazemaru, Aphrodi & Ranmaru in one fanart).

:bulletorange: Movie
Fanarts of characters that appear in the movie.

:bulletorange: Crafts
Everything that is neither Fanart nor Cosplay.

:bulletorange: Comics and Memes

:bulletorange: Pixel Art and Animations

:bulletorange: Literature

:bulletorange: Crossovers
Fanart of characters in outfits of other series or in one picture with characters from other series.

:bulletorange: Sketches and unfinished work

:above: RULES :above:

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for reading and for joining the group. :heart:

:star: LINKS :star:

:bulletred: LJ Community
:bulletred: Inazuma Eleven Episodes


Hey everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This is cielking , a new added 2nd co-founder! Please also welcome Xipako and Blackhawk-97 , our two new contributors! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) If you have any questions (such as unsure to which folder to submit, etc) please just ask one of us! We're glad to be of help.

Let's see... I'm Ia! I applied for this group because my love for this series is strong, even if it's been only almost 2 years I've been in the fandom.

Uhmm...I have many favorite characters in all of the seasons and movies. But my top 3 characters are Genda, Sakuma and Aki. (´∀`●) There's more to be honest...About 90% of the Inazuma characters are so likable to me.

I currently cosplay Sakuma, too! I'm planning to do a lot of characters from the series. And scout characters, because the scout from the games are hella cute.

Do you cosplay? Who are your top 3 favorite characters? What is your favorite season/arc? Do you own some games/mangas? Do you think there will be a new Inazuma series after Galaxy?

Also-- What do you think about having a contest? Like, sometime before summer. Or a contest FOR summer. What do you say? Also, prize givers/judges are welcome to help! I still haven't thought of a theme/what it will be yet, but you will all be updated sometime soon.

I don't have anything else to say, but please do take your time to read the rules in this group! And be nice to each-other.(Or I'll koutei penguin 1gou you.) I don't tolerate rudeness. But other than that--

ヽ( =´▽`= )ノ Let's all enjoy Inazuma Eleven together! Let's play soccer!
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Yeah i mean Go Folder?
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Yes that's right. :)
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